Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Garden Magic

When the weather turns chilly and grey, bright magical things can still be wandering about. You just need to know where to look. A certain owlie bird still visits and I give him a greeting of appreciation each time I see him tucked up into the corner of our roof. My wise owlie has given me eyes to see things in the garden that other might miss in their daily dailies, such as the mystical creature peeking out of a mass of frosty fronds above. She was most happy to have a friend to chat with one dreary afternoon, though, like a certain Cheshire cat, she tended to fade in and out of view. She told me the most wonderful tales regarding other fine sights that may be about and I thanked her for her time. I do believe she was the one who told me about a Secret Garden..a real one..or at least it is a place where I can sit in the sun and contemplate the wonders around me. I must have passed the place a hundred times last winter and never saw a sign of it, though as I walked its paths, it appeared to have been there for a very long time, as is true of most secret gardens. They seem to be forever, but like my plant girl, they wink in and out of being like mini Brigadoons!
Tucked into an autumn nest, this perky girl has made her home. Doesn't she just look as happy as a clam. come to think of it...clams are one of her favorite foods. She must have hung out with the Seagulls too long. Anyway, she has created her tidy little nest out of favorite quotes and incantations to keep her safe and warm. Obviously she loves all winged things as the butterflies and birds visit her regularly. She loves company and good jokes. She had me giggling for an entire morning.
Ah, this watery dream scene may be one that can only be viewed while you are napping. An sunset in Autumn shades and fading light is enough for me to hold in my heart of hearts. A water girl am I and I do love it so. With just the right eyes, I can be there this minute!

All these wonders are pages from my journaling class..either demonstrations or creations that needed to be created. There is a tale regarding angels that whisper great concepts into the ears of artists and draw great paintings in their dreams. If the artists creates the thing, the angel's work is done. If they ignore it or never quite finish, the angel takes it back and delivers it to the next person on her list. I try to keep that angel close and listen well.
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