Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring Fever

I feel slightly silly this morning and I have no idea why. Perhaps it's the company I keep ?????? Pink elephants giggling at me for sipping one too many glasses of wine. Aw, come on, those glasses are very small and I only had one......and a sparkly blue pig. Everyone should have breakfast with one. first, it prevents you from eating any bacon...too much can't really take anything too seriously with a pink elephant and a sparkly blue pig as breakfast partners. Pair that up with that coffee cup and breakfast could take all morning..especially if it is a Friday morning ... a particularly lazy Friday morning.
I start thinking about what kind of new plans I can hatch. It's really the season for that sort of contemplation. Hmm, a new painting, a trip to some never been there before kind of place. I have been traveling paths well worn for a bit too long. My little brain needs some new wrinkles..some fun ones, not scary ones. some blue bird of happiness kinds of paths. I was on a retreat last week-end and walked a lovely labyrinth. Actually I practically danced it while some daffodils sang me about. They can be quite noisy when they want to be and these were charmingly so. Anyway, as I moved in and out of the design I came to realize I needed to spend more time doing things that made me smile. Life is so very short and there really are so many joyful things around to see and do. Simplicity may bring far more health and joy than any 401K plan. Think of all the fun you could have with just these cupcakes on a fine spring day. Maybe I just need to eat and my little head will settle down. This bunny is looking mighty fine right now. Tea and chocolate will cure just about anything that ails you. I have to remember to create a little emergency stash.Of course the problem with that concept is that anything might constitute an emergency and there goes the chocolate !!!!!
I am looking forward to a quiet week-end, happily painting away. I have at least four projects started and really need to get them finished many ideas dancing around my head and my poor self is just so tired and worn down much of the time. Got to remember to play with my friends more, dance with the daffodils and keep that little bluebird in front of me.

Tea and chocolate won't hurt either
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Friday, March 13, 2009

Bring it on !!!!!

Ok, break out the bunnies. Clean up the the vases. Let's get some flowers going here. I am ready for Springtime! OK, so it's only 26 degrees out this morning. I DON'T CARE. Pack up all the gray and black and get out the yellows and oranges and reds. I AM READY.
Oh, let's play tag in the daisies. Oh, I know they aren't up yet, but we can pretend. Let's just take off our shoes, let loose our hair and start running around a bit. We'll get some roses in our cheeks. That will be a start. OK, I understand that you are all stiff and slow from all that cold and chill. How about if we just break out our crayons and paints and play awhile. The first part of this week I had a three day migraine. That would be a record. It went away, but then so did my car's temperature guage. Ooops! Ah well, but the sun IS shining. I DO have paint. I was rescued by handsome Lochinvar who may have been more interested in showing off to some other folks, but in the end he did rescue me and lent me his white horse...OK it's a ten year old Mazda, but works and got me here today.
A parade wouldn't be a bad idea. Next week-end I am running away to a retreat with the women from my church. That may sound a bit mundane to mosy of you, but you don't know the women from my church. Their little town appears to be out of a children's tale, all picket fences and pots of flowers, even a train that runs through the center of town and stops and a tiny stone train station, but these ladies are wild ones, wild ones, I tell you. They dance by the light of the moon, the moon. they dance by the light of the moon. Their great great grandmothers must have escaped from old Salem before the toasting started and they set up housekeeping on the shores of these dancing rivers, a place of confluence,a place of meeting. A place where just about anything can happen and it does.

I am making stuffed strawberries to take along with prepared canvases to begin there soul portraits. Tonight am making drunken salmon to celebrate dear Saint Patrick.

Have a Green One.
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