Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life at the speed of......

There are times when life just seems to move way too slow...
Like the rest of the world,
I want it all done yesterday,
website done..
paintings done...
lesson plans done....
Oh my, but it seems I am tripping over my own lists of "to do's"

Then this guy came around
with a bit if advice.
Slow down and enjoy the journey,
he says..lifting his tiny dinosaur head high to be sure
I hear him.
Take the time to sit in the sun and just breathe.
He posed so majestically.

Spring time has brought out him and his fellows,
along with so many flowers.

He is right, you know.
Life requires time to sweeten and be served up

So join me at Chesterfield Arts,
here in lovely St. Louis
August 6-10 for a deliciously wonderful
Art Journaling Camp for adults.
An entire week of Art Journaling!
All supplies are included,
so just show up with your cup of coffee and nibbles
and we will journal our sweet summer mornings