Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I spent Christmas Eve Day
tearing apart my studio,
At the end of the day, the room was clean and organized. I had even rehung much of the art on the walls including
this new addition:
I have promised myself for years,
to paint the amaryllis
that sits on my kitchen counter. a new color every year. This year, My favorite: a blazing red.
It couldn't escape me this year.
However, when I tried to begin a second painting, I could barely find a surface
on which to rest my palette.
Then an odd rush of energy,
a sense of distinct purpose filled my heart.
I worked nonstop for hours.

much later,
I sat in meditation, listening to music
at a midnight service.
Christmas Eve.
And I pondered what had happened, what I had done
and felt
that long day of work.
I realized I had been preparing
for Christmas Eve,
which brings us the message of hope
and new beginnings.
I had thought I was being a bit unusual,
a cleaning Diva instead of
A Christmas celebrant.
But, Oh, I was so celebrating the coming
of Divine Hope.

And now Christmas has past,
the wining and dining,
cheering and sharing
and something a bit more contemplative has arrived in my very clean manger.
My latest inspiration is here.
Please scroll down to her twelve days of Christmas article for great practices during the post Christmas season.

A Peaceful New Year to all.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Jolly One!

Oh yes, I have been busy,
being Jolly,
hanging holly,baking and making of all sorts.
Company flows in and out,
a loving tide of sharings.
My beloved muses, Graces three
called out loud and clear
that they would not be ignored.
Visions of sugar plums dancing in my head
suddenly became
images crying out to be .
They came despite gingerbread and chocolates
and stockings hung by the fire.
They whispered and whispered
like breezes,
then winds!
Paint tubes jumped from shelves and drawers,
brushes rained down.
Time to get back to work.
Santa will understand.
The packages are wrapped, the tree full of lights.
Now it is time
to return to me.

Here is hoping your holidays are Jolly,
your paintings are bright,
and your hearts will be glowing with inspiration and
the mystery of New Life and a New Year.

I am planning on sharing some of my favorite inspirations of the past year,
books, movies, folks both now and then.
Join me for a sharing of joy and inspiration.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ode to a Master

I know I have been gone for a bit.
time flies and I steal moments to visit other blogs,
see what my blogosphere friends are up to.
the holidays have set in.
schedules become impossible things.
Last week, I retreated from all for a full day.
 It was like a glass of cool water
 after a walk in the desert.
This week, I decided to paint an homage to the great Monet.
One of his vast triptychs hangs for a few months
in our museum.
I have visited twice already.
He amazes me.
Freedom is what he is about.
Freedom from fear
or lack of confidence.
Those are the bravest brush strokes since Hokusai.
I had to try.
The layers of color began in hesitation,
but then I learned to move away,
Stand back.
Hold my brush from the very end
and brandish color
like Errol Flynn with a sword

Life is much more interesting
when you stand back and hold onto the very edge of things.
Magic lives there.
The space between worlds in time and space
thins and allows
communion with those before us.
They want to share as always.
Only artists with a generous heart can fall into that space,
and be content forever.