Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For Spadoman

Zia for your heart
Sunshine kissed with healing prayers
Spadoman is embraced.

A haiku, a little off on the count, but heartfelt.
For the healing of a stressed heart, a good heart,
a deserving heart.
I send my Prayers to my most gentle God.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grace Notes

Today is a day for receiving many blessings,
lovely lessons,
and the sense of connectedness to something bigger than myself.
I catch myself smiling
for what seems to be no real reason.
Then I remember my blessings.
the first is this painting I did
as a lesson for my Michaels classes.
The lesson plan was courtesy of another Grumbacher artist,
an amazing, sharing artist who was good enough
to share her lesson plan with me.
Thank you, Wanda!
My students loved it.
I love it.

My blessings flow in the Autumn light
that surrounds me in this little office nook of mine.
My furry friend, Demi sits on my feet,
warming them.
she likes to keep an eye on me
in case I try to sneak out for a walk without her.
She doesn't like to miss anything!

My studio awaits, after all this typing and writing
I have done this morning.
Art Journaling for my classes,
painting for my soul,
knitting, a new blessing,for my sense of touch and bliss.

Oh, yes, Demi,
we will go for a walk then,
on with the day,
for you are a blessing,too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Haiku My heart Friday

The crickets still believe
in the shadow of summer
Their song in autumn

A haiku for the day before we change our clocks
 and truly move into the autumn light.

Please visit the other magical haiku at
and consider joining our haiku hearts.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On my Easel.....

A new Scottish Icon.
She is a mystery in a garden.
Is she a saint, an angel?
I think she is a guardian of sorts.
I almost threw her out midway,
believing I could not finish her properly and should begin again.
She wouldn't let me.
She whispered for weeks how she might manifest.
and manifest she did.
I picked her up and thought,
what have I got to lose.
I might learn something.
It would be good to experiment.
So I painted and layered and glazed her into being.
May I introduce:
"The Seed Guardian"
She protects the seeds of dreams and thoughts,
until they are ready to be planted.
You will find her , shortly,
in my Etsy.

I have a holiday gift for you....
All ORIGINAL art in my Etsy will be on sale for the month of November for
a very special price
of $100.00 per piece.
shipping not included.

Gift a loved one.
 Be inspired.