Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back from whence I was....

Oh it was a dream trip,
ten days of paint and whales
and a world of colorful sweet magic.
It inspired me.
It woke me up!
I had forgotten the part of me
that loved painting under the sun,cool breezes
and an occasional wild boccie ball.
That part of me that is oh so in love with nature as
sacred spirit,
as sacred inspiration!
Amazing Sea People joined in,
sparkling with turquoise light,
a light I didn't even know as possible.
they danced for me every morning,
convincing me to love the world
with my paintbrush.

So I did:
And then, some more....
By the end of the stay even the stars danced
in the night sky,
shining in ways that were rare and wonderous.
I painted even more....
My heart was opened and my brush set free
in a new direction.
Now, like another middle Earth girl
who wandered over the rainbow,
my job is to be awake to the wonders
in my own backyard.
I have been painting springtime
in Middle Earth.
Daffodils and Redbuds,
cloud shows of all kinds.
I will share more as they come to be.

Great thanks to my beloved host and hostess.
You will never know what a great gift you gave me
those magical ten days.