Tuesday, December 27, 2011


I spent Christmas Eve Day
tearing apart my studio,
At the end of the day, the room was clean and organized. I had even rehung much of the art on the walls including
this new addition:
I have promised myself for years,
to paint the amaryllis
that sits on my kitchen counter. a new color every year. This year, My favorite: a blazing red.
It couldn't escape me this year.
However, when I tried to begin a second painting, I could barely find a surface
on which to rest my palette.
Then an odd rush of energy,
a sense of distinct purpose filled my heart.
I worked nonstop for hours.

much later,
I sat in meditation, listening to music
at a midnight service.
Christmas Eve.
And I pondered what had happened, what I had done
and felt
that long day of work.
I realized I had been preparing
for Christmas Eve,
which brings us the message of hope
and new beginnings.
I had thought I was being a bit unusual,
a cleaning Diva instead of
A Christmas celebrant.
But, Oh, I was so celebrating the coming
of Divine Hope.

And now Christmas has past,
the wining and dining,
cheering and sharing
and something a bit more contemplative has arrived in my very clean manger.
My latest inspiration is here.
Please scroll down to her twelve days of Christmas article for great practices during the post Christmas season.

A Peaceful New Year to all.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Have a Jolly One!

Oh yes, I have been busy,
being Jolly,
hanging holly,baking and making of all sorts.
Company flows in and out,
a loving tide of sharings.
My beloved muses, Graces three
called out loud and clear
that they would not be ignored.
Visions of sugar plums dancing in my head
suddenly became
images crying out to be .
They came despite gingerbread and chocolates
and stockings hung by the fire.
They whispered and whispered
like breezes,
then winds!
Paint tubes jumped from shelves and drawers,
brushes rained down.
Time to get back to work.
Santa will understand.
The packages are wrapped, the tree full of lights.
Now it is time
to return to me.

Here is hoping your holidays are Jolly,
your paintings are bright,
and your hearts will be glowing with inspiration and
the mystery of New Life and a New Year.

I am planning on sharing some of my favorite inspirations of the past year,
books, movies, folks both now and then.
Join me for a sharing of joy and inspiration.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ode to a Master

I know I have been gone for a bit.
time flies and I steal moments to visit other blogs,
see what my blogosphere friends are up to.
the holidays have set in.
schedules become impossible things.
Last week, I retreated from all for a full day.
 It was like a glass of cool water
 after a walk in the desert.
This week, I decided to paint an homage to the great Monet.
One of his vast triptychs hangs for a few months
in our museum.
I have visited twice already.
He amazes me.
Freedom is what he is about.
Freedom from fear
or lack of confidence.
Those are the bravest brush strokes since Hokusai.
I had to try.
The layers of color began in hesitation,
but then I learned to move away,
Stand back.
Hold my brush from the very end
and brandish color
like Errol Flynn with a sword

Life is much more interesting
when you stand back and hold onto the very edge of things.
Magic lives there.
The space between worlds in time and space
thins and allows
communion with those before us.
They want to share as always.
Only artists with a generous heart can fall into that space,
and be content forever.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

For Spadoman

Zia for your heart
Sunshine kissed with healing prayers
Spadoman is embraced.

A haiku, a little off on the count, but heartfelt.
For the healing of a stressed heart, a good heart,
a deserving heart.
I send my Prayers to my most gentle God.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Grace Notes

Today is a day for receiving many blessings,
lovely lessons,
and the sense of connectedness to something bigger than myself.
I catch myself smiling
for what seems to be no real reason.
Then I remember my blessings.
the first is this painting I did
as a lesson for my Michaels classes.
The lesson plan was courtesy of another Grumbacher artist,
an amazing, sharing artist who was good enough
to share her lesson plan with me.
Thank you, Wanda!
My students loved it.
I love it.

My blessings flow in the Autumn light
that surrounds me in this little office nook of mine.
My furry friend, Demi sits on my feet,
warming them.
she likes to keep an eye on me
in case I try to sneak out for a walk without her.
She doesn't like to miss anything!

My studio awaits, after all this typing and writing
I have done this morning.
Art Journaling for my classes,
painting for my soul,
knitting, a new blessing,for my sense of touch and bliss.

Oh, yes, Demi,
we will go for a walk then,
on with the day,
for you are a blessing,too.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Haiku My heart Friday

The crickets still believe
in the shadow of summer
Their song in autumn

A haiku for the day before we change our clocks
 and truly move into the autumn light.

Please visit the other magical haiku at
and consider joining our haiku hearts.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

On my Easel.....

A new Scottish Icon.
She is a mystery in a garden.
Is she a saint, an angel?
I think she is a guardian of sorts.
I almost threw her out midway,
believing I could not finish her properly and should begin again.
She wouldn't let me.
She whispered for weeks how she might manifest.
and manifest she did.
I picked her up and thought,
what have I got to lose.
I might learn something.
It would be good to experiment.
So I painted and layered and glazed her into being.
May I introduce:
"The Seed Guardian"
She protects the seeds of dreams and thoughts,
until they are ready to be planted.
You will find her , shortly,
in my Etsy.

I have a holiday gift for you....
All ORIGINAL art in my Etsy will be on sale for the month of November for
a very special price
of $100.00 per piece.
shipping not included.

Gift a loved one.
 Be inspired.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

She is finished!

Finished version.....
I have been painting like a mad woman,
this piece being only one of four I have in the works.
I must confess...
I ducked a metaphorical bullet this week
and may have found some new inspirations on living
and just what is important in life
as well as
a review of some of my life goals.
Many flow charts and mind maps have been scribbled
on napkins,
in sketchbooks,
on the borders of books.
It has been a time of reviewing
what I have
and what I can offer.
Life is so very precious.
Time is so very dear.
Both are treasures to be used with some level of wisdom and
So I am considering much.
Painting is my way of breathing.
It always has been and
always will be. It is my way of sharing
and being in the world.
I left her face serene and golden.
she didn't need anything more.
That is where I am this day,
with a heartful of gratitude for everyone and everything in my world.

She is moving on to my Etsy.
click on the sidebar icon to visit her.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday!

Dark Gothic tracery,
branches frame the golden round.
A sky mandala

The full moon has been so beautiful this month.
Red ringed, golden glowing,
beauty to make my heart skip a beat.

I often sit in my backyard,
with only a small candle to light my way.

My sketchbook lies in my lap as I draw and write by candlelight.
Inspiration fills my pages,
and my heart with gratitude.

Autumn Mandala will be up in my Etsy shop shortly.

Please join Rebecca at Recuerdo mi corazon for more Haiku.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloud Castles

I have to admit that I have been a bit delinquent here.
Autumn has called me out of the house,
encouraging me to build some cloud castles.
And I must also admit that I have so enjoyed it.
Blue skies,
red gold leaves,
cool breezes.
I am a happy victim,
being led along lovely trails.
You know life happens.
There is laundry to be done,
meals to be prepared,
even friends to be met
and connections,
all those connections.
I feel like an escapee
whenever I can get out to the lake
and spend a few hours with my best and oldest friends,
Lady Nature,
Sister Moon,
and Oh,
those cloud castles.

I am painting, teaching,learning,
always learning.
I love art because there is always a bit more to learn,
to explore!
This lady sits on my easel right now.
She is new for me,
inspired by my trip to Scotland,
by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh.
I love her serene face,
a very feminine Buddha expression.
She is almost done and I will share my process this time.
Somehow, when my poor head wasn't in the clouds,
it was earthy enough to remember to take a few photos as she progressed.
That is for another day.
I am off to buy some paint,
some Brussels sprouts to roast for dinner,
and a bit of trim on my shaggy head.

I promise to return soon!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A bit more Scotland

I know I promised a story about Margaret and I will get to that.
It has been a head cold, stay in bed kind of week for me.
But I wanted to touch base and let you know I was here.
This was the beginning of my adventure: this staircase
in a castle in Glasgow.
My romantic heart could barely stand it that,
after all those Victorian novels,
I had finally landed on one of these staircases.
Of course, I also wound up in Medieval churches, another long term dream of mine.
In my heart of hearts,
architecture is just another form of art.
Who knew heavy stones could be made to look like fine lace?
OK, I had seen photos myself,
but standing there before these buildings
was an experience of a lifetime.
In the meantime, I am growing a tutorial of sorts for you to see how I create my newest projects,
there is another article in the planning stages.
The last chance to see the work of my journaling students
is this week end at Union Avenue Christian church.
We are having a closing party on Sunday afternoon beginning at noon
if you would like to drop by for tea and scones.

My classes at the St. Louis Artists Guild are starting again on October 8 from 10:00 to noonish on Saturdays. This a beginners class.
We also have a slightly more advanced class on Mondays from 10:00 to noonish.
My beginning acrylic painting classes
are now twice on Tuesdays; in the afternoons,
from 2:30 to4:30
and in the evenings from 6:30 to 8:30.
We finish a complete painting in just two hours!

You can always email me for more information on classes.
Watch my Etsy for new additions in the next week or so!

Friday, September 23, 2011

In the Land of Bobbie Burns

Walking ancient paths,
Love joined two souls forever.
A blessing shared.

I had the distinct pleasure of attending this lovely wedding at Sherbrooke castle in Glasgow Scotland.
I came home much richer in family,
as I gained not only a sister-in-law,
but her sister as well.
My family grows in wondrous ways.

I loved the ancient buildings and memorials:
They captured my heart as well as my imagination.
I could have spent weeks in Edinburgh,
a city of culture and history.
The sound of bagpipes followed us about as we explored tiny alleyways and cobbled streets.
There were magical meals aplenty.
The Scots know how to make bread so delicious,
you can eat it alone,
but toasted mushroom or thick bacon tops it well,
and often.
I also had my special dream come true:,
my dear brother came through on his promise
and I began a journey searching out
two of Scotland's greatest artists.
They were also married.
Charles Rennie Mackintosh and his artist wife, Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh.
I have a tale about dear Margaret,
Which I shall share on another day.
I was charged with mission
in a building too beautiful for words.
Another day.

I would also like to very much thank my dear brother and his lovely wife,
for sharing their journey and allowing me to be a part of the celebration
of their love,
and for the Haggis.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Counting down to Scotland.........

Things are moving along here in Middle Earth.
Today was for a quick stop at Wally World to get some travel supplies
like chocolate granola bars
and some homeopathic sleepy time pills.
I'll be leaving Middle Earth early Monday morning to arrive in the
city of brotherly love late afternoon
and jump on the transatlantic flight to what is essentially
our motherland!
Glasgow waits!
In the meantime, there are painting demonstrations at Michaels
on Saturday with 50% off
on all classes signed up for.
(was that sentence ?)
an anniversary
And a house to clean a bit before disappearing into a castle.
No fairies to clean up on this end, but
who knows what waits in Sherbrooke Castle?
So for now,
bills to pay,
classes to prepare for,
schedules to create.
a life that I love and cherish.
One that will be expanded just a bit
by the spirit of a long ago immigrant,
Margaret Barnes.
I like to think she is smiling about all this fuss.
I may not have Internet access in bonnie Scotland.
I may not WANT it.
But I will be thinking of all the dear hearts I sing to here in blog land.
Be well until I return,
well stuffed with oatmeal and shortbread!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

It's all about the Glow.

Bright Red and gold glow
with light given and received.
A spiraling gift.

A late haiku.
My life is aswirl with hanging art exhibits, writing articles
and teaching the most amazing students ever.
I am so blessed to have all of these
wonders in my life.
This morning I began considering what to pack for Scotland.
It is not exactly
a bathing suit destination.
The temperature seems to hold steady between 55 and 65 degrees.
Much cooler than the 101 I saw on the bank sign
when I went out to lunch.
It is difficult to even imagine.
Sweaters look silly.
Cashmere...really ????
Oh, but it is so warm....though I am
at this moment
The painting is acrylics on gold gesso'd paper.
I actually did the sketch years ago.
Discovered in a forgotten corner,
I resolved to finish it in 30 minutes.
so I set out my colors, grabbed some brushes and clipped the drawing to my easel.
It was a most satisfying 30 minutes.
The glow in my heart was there on the easel.
My smile is still glowing.
Please join Rebecca and the other Haiku artists
and share the glow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday: Spadoman Clafoutis

T'was a bonnie pie
A pie to dance and sing for
Please, good Cook, serve more!

a homage to Spadoman's recipe for Clafoutis:
I used Greek yogurt and plenty of peaches and berries.
My husband never eats peaches,
not his favorite fruit.
but he ate well this fine pie,
or Clafoutis.
A thank you to Spadoman for a fine recipe that will be added
to the permanent list,
to be served with whatever lush fruit is in season.

Please join the rest of the Haiku group for more
wonders and joy at Rebecca's place.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Catching Up

Ah, just a moment to sit down and catch up with you.
I've been madly organizing, painting, teaching,
all manner of fun stuff.
I am still glowing with the after effects
of the wonderful Somerset article in their "Art Journaling" issue,
being included in the last issue of Somerset Studio.
It proves dreams do come true,
but they take some work, let me tell you!
I taught the Icon workshop again
and my students did amazing things.
I would sure like to teach that one at one of the sweet art retreats
and that may be the next dream to dream.

My classes at the St. Louis Artists' Guild are going great!
We just finished an 8 week session for newbies,
though they were newbies to art journaling, they were pros at taking ideas and just running with them. We had beautiful work come out of that class.
We will be having an exhibit of their work and the work of my advanced classes at the Union Avenue Christian church here in St. Louis,
beginning September 5.
Many of my students will also be showing their off the page work at the Guild's next exhibit "Among Friends" which opens September 4,
with a reception from 1-3.
I will be in that one, too with this sweet little painting.
I love the colors in this one.
I want to jump on board and sail away.

In the midst of all this fun, I am teaching TWO classes for Grumbacher at the Michael's in St. Charles.
I have great students there, too.
I love teaching beginners that they

Add to the mix my first sojourn across the big sea waters:
Scotland is waiting for me.
It's been waiting a long time,
ever since my grandmother, a Scottish immigrant told me
stories of Glasgow and Edinburgh.
I'll be off to Sherbrooke Castle and the Willow Tea room in just a few short weeks.
I promise
to share the magic.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Postcards from Paradise:Dancing in the Dark.

The sound of fluttering wings
awoke me in the night
and led me to a different place
a place of dark and light.
The dancer whispered in my ear
secrets just for me,
of how to make my dreams breath life 
of how to make them free.
I woke and her wise words remained ,
her voice was in my wakened ear
and light was given form.

an original collage by Kathleen Barnes
Please visit Rebecca for more postcards from paradise. Her postcard is very special today and leads to others who are trying to make a difference.
Join us.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Haiku My Heart at Figure Drawing

Charcoal flows across page,
smudging fingers blend the soft shades
and light becomes all.

Paint is my passion
but I know drawing is my center.
so this season, I have promised myself
a gift of time
to draw.
A weekly model,
costs shared with others so inclined.
A box of chalks and pencils,
a few sheets of paper.
I sit upon the drawing bench
and begin.
The world becomes a wonder of light and dark,
soft edges and firm lines.
Earth colors.
Eyes and hands overule all other concerns.
The heart wins.

Please join Rebecca and the Haiku group for more wonders
 and poetry from the heart.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Beginnings

Isn't Autumn in the air?
Time for new beginnings.
I think more about who I am and where I am going in the Autumn than I do at New Year's Eve.
It's the point where I always seem to assess myself,
my life,
directions and goals.
What have I accomplished?
What do I want to accomplish.
There is also a synchronicity happening this year,
stronger than in other times,
of promises, offers,
At this tender age, I still want to learn and grow.
I think I am enough,
I could be more,
more of the good things:
more compassionate,
more forgiving,
more patient,
more gentle.
As the green of summer begins to soften into the earthy colors of Autumn,
I believe I can soften, also.

My friend, Rebecca is still a guest at Crescendoh
where she and other amazing artists are sharing wonders of the heart, hands and mind.
Please visit both sites.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Lured out

Ok, Rebecca, you have lured me out
with your wonderful bouquet of flowers!
Please visit my friend
at her site
not only for the flowers, but to follow her to the
and enjoy her article on how Art Saves.
I have been a serious fan of Jenny Doh since her work at Somerset
inspired my life and my art.
It is a great site to bookmark and visit regularly for Jenny has gathered
an amazing group of inspirational folk
and it changes weekly to many wonders.
It is more than fitting that my new and beautiful source of inspiration is Rebecca, another woman who has gathered an amazing gathering of creatives who inspire each other with words and images
that truly feed the soul.
I promise an update on what I have been up to. Life is moving with such speed, I need to take a deep breath and join
you all again soon.


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New posting on my Etsy

Yes, the Purloined Poppies is for sale.
The original is 9X12
on heavy watercolor paper.

Watch for more additions to my Etsy later on this week.
My goal is a slow redesign,
aimed at selling a few more original pieces.

I know I need to let go of some work,
to allow new things to process
through my tiny studio.

Prints are still available.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday

Fragrant, dark and deep,
Balanced in vanilla dreams
Dawn bliss to be shared.

An incredibly busy week...not quite over
but with a promise of slow this morning time.
Dawn not quite with me, I decide I am an honored guest
in my own home.

A few moments of bliss,
but then,
I realize:
This is meant to be shared,

with you.

where others share their hearts
and haiku.

Generosity abounds
and you are welcome.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Postcards from Paradise: The Purloined Poppies

Sometimes one cannot resist a certain kind of beauty,
Passion overcomes all sense of propriety
and paint begins to splash merrily all about.

A tale had been told of lost friends,
and all of that story rang true
in a place within my own heart.
I chose not to lose
that shared story.
 I captured these purloined poppies
 from dear Rebecca
to share as my offering
for Postcards from Paradise.
Please visit this amazing site for even more wonder from Paradise.

Friday, July 22, 2011

A cherished friend

Your bright tenderness
is sweetness tending the soul.
Love bursts from my brush.

Yesterday I spent the day with a dear friend,
a magical creature who dwells with birds and gnomes
fairies and herds of doxies.
She celebrated her birthday by giving away
 the most luscious of cupcakes.
Recipes and hugs went along as prizes.
Her generosity and happiness
would overflow any cup,
or Ocean.

This haiku is for Karin,
who loves to hear
any voice call her name.
She inspires my heart as well as my brush.

Please link to Rebecca and more magical folk at Recuerdo mi corazon.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Etsy Sale is ON!!!!!!

For a limited time
Three original works of art
available on Etsy
on sale and no shipping
in celebration of
so much joy in my life.
It's your turn.

Just click on the sidebar directly over the words "Paintdiva106"
and you will be there.