Thursday, October 20, 2011

She is finished!

Finished version.....
I have been painting like a mad woman,
this piece being only one of four I have in the works.
I must confess...
I ducked a metaphorical bullet this week
and may have found some new inspirations on living
and just what is important in life
as well as
a review of some of my life goals.
Many flow charts and mind maps have been scribbled
on napkins,
in sketchbooks,
on the borders of books.
It has been a time of reviewing
what I have
and what I can offer.
Life is so very precious.
Time is so very dear.
Both are treasures to be used with some level of wisdom and
So I am considering much.
Painting is my way of breathing.
It always has been and
always will be. It is my way of sharing
and being in the world.
I left her face serene and golden.
she didn't need anything more.
That is where I am this day,
with a heartful of gratitude for everyone and everything in my world.

She is moving on to my Etsy.
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Friday, October 14, 2011

Haiku my Heart Friday!

Dark Gothic tracery,
branches frame the golden round.
A sky mandala

The full moon has been so beautiful this month.
Red ringed, golden glowing,
beauty to make my heart skip a beat.

I often sit in my backyard,
with only a small candle to light my way.

My sketchbook lies in my lap as I draw and write by candlelight.
Inspiration fills my pages,
and my heart with gratitude.

Autumn Mandala will be up in my Etsy shop shortly.

Please join Rebecca at Recuerdo mi corazon for more Haiku.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Cloud Castles

I have to admit that I have been a bit delinquent here.
Autumn has called me out of the house,
encouraging me to build some cloud castles.
And I must also admit that I have so enjoyed it.
Blue skies,
red gold leaves,
cool breezes.
I am a happy victim,
being led along lovely trails.
You know life happens.
There is laundry to be done,
meals to be prepared,
even friends to be met
and connections,
all those connections.
I feel like an escapee
whenever I can get out to the lake
and spend a few hours with my best and oldest friends,
Lady Nature,
Sister Moon,
and Oh,
those cloud castles.

I am painting, teaching,learning,
always learning.
I love art because there is always a bit more to learn,
to explore!
This lady sits on my easel right now.
She is new for me,
inspired by my trip to Scotland,
by Margaret MacDonald Mackintosh.
I love her serene face,
a very feminine Buddha expression.
She is almost done and I will share my process this time.
Somehow, when my poor head wasn't in the clouds,
it was earthy enough to remember to take a few photos as she progressed.
That is for another day.
I am off to buy some paint,
some Brussels sprouts to roast for dinner,
and a bit of trim on my shaggy head.

I promise to return soon!