Monday, May 7, 2012

I am moving!

I know I have been a bit delinquent in my postings. I promise that I have been working very hard...learning how to build a website, learning photoshop and increasing my classes. It has been fun and now I am ready to share what I have been up to with you!

The work was pretty intense, and I am very proud of the website. I had the opportunity to add a blog and did much thinking before deciding to switch to a new one.

I think you will enjoy, at the very least, a tour of my site and a visit to my new blog. I hope to be posting new paintings, thoughts on creativity and spirituality as well as my latest class information.

I do hope you will join me at my new artsite!

I have also changed my email address. you can contact me throught the site for updates.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Life at the speed of......

There are times when life just seems to move way too slow...
Like the rest of the world,
I want it all done yesterday,
website done..
paintings done...
lesson plans done....
Oh my, but it seems I am tripping over my own lists of "to do's"

Then this guy came around
with a bit if advice.
Slow down and enjoy the journey,
he says..lifting his tiny dinosaur head high to be sure
I hear him.
Take the time to sit in the sun and just breathe.
He posed so majestically.

Spring time has brought out him and his fellows,
along with so many flowers.

He is right, you know.
Life requires time to sweeten and be served up

So join me at Chesterfield Arts,
here in lovely St. Louis
August 6-10 for a deliciously wonderful
Art Journaling Camp for adults.
An entire week of Art Journaling!
All supplies are included,
so just show up with your cup of coffee and nibbles
and we will journal our sweet summer mornings

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Back from whence I was....

Oh it was a dream trip,
ten days of paint and whales
and a world of colorful sweet magic.
It inspired me.
It woke me up!
I had forgotten the part of me
that loved painting under the sun,cool breezes
and an occasional wild boccie ball.
That part of me that is oh so in love with nature as
sacred spirit,
as sacred inspiration!
Amazing Sea People joined in,
sparkling with turquoise light,
a light I didn't even know as possible.
they danced for me every morning,
convincing me to love the world
with my paintbrush.

So I did:
And then, some more....
By the end of the stay even the stars danced
in the night sky,
shining in ways that were rare and wonderous.
I painted even more....
My heart was opened and my brush set free
in a new direction.
Now, like another middle Earth girl
who wandered over the rainbow,
my job is to be awake to the wonders
in my own backyard.
I have been painting springtime
in Middle Earth.
Daffodils and Redbuds,
cloud shows of all kinds.
I will share more as they come to be.

Great thanks to my beloved host and hostess.
You will never know what a great gift you gave me
those magical ten days.


Friday, February 10, 2012

Haiku my Heart Friday

Shadings of grey dust,
Dance across canvas threads.
Life is in all art.

An ethereal child,
created out of charcoal dust,
as, perhaps we all may be.

Pushing and pulling,
lights and darks,
discovering in the end
that creating is the stuff of life.
Created and Creator

Discover the other Artists of Haiku my Heart joined together by the Artist Rebecca at

Thursday, February 9, 2012

I got Sunshine.......

I had a conversation
about dealing with homesickness
when one travels.
I thought, how funny,
if I have some paint and my brushes,
I am always at home.
Even on the darkest day,
I can find sunshine
at the end of my brush.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Haiku my Heart Friday

Deep in Winter's bed
Spirit wildly weaves new life,
And stars dance overhead.

Here in Middle Earth, we have had a milder
than mild winter,
but winter just the same.
New dreams are being dreamt.
New life seems to be promising
to burst forth just about any moment.

I feel like I am breathing
in the space between,
Winter and Spring.
Half dreaming, half unfolding
to promises of change.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Doodling about.....

Amidst all the confusion
of a computer losing its memory and coming down with the flu,
and company from afar,
and traveling spouse,
I decided I needed a little extra something
to do with my time.
You know, those moments between
cleaning, cooking, knitting and working.
So to fill those empty moments with something besides sleeping..
you know I am an insomniac anyway,
I joined two online projects.

The first is
Do visit their site.
A monthly challenge is given
and participating artists send almost daily emails showing their wonderful sketchbook ideas.
There are prizes and inspirations galore.
A monthly challenge ,
I thought,
I can do.
The first, for the month of January is simply
 I realized most of my real doodles
live in my art journal
as mixed media sorts of doodling.
Like the lady above and this one:

The first is done with reinker inks and white acrylic. The second is done with collage and paintsticks...all on gold gessoed pages
in an old book rescued from a closing library.
I lived, for many years,
not in Middle Earth, but in the Wild Wild West.
Out in the wildness, there were faces of many sorts,
not just white, but more colorful,
more varied arrangements of nose and eyes and lips.
I miss that. I want to honor that Wildness:

So my doodles are wandering strokes of
paint and paper,
wandering thoughts of women
I have known or wanted to know.
Doodles of a different sort.

the other project I jumped into is this one
This one doesn't start until net month,
so I have plenty of time for more painted doodles.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Good Morning!
My studio purge has continued
and I finally have space to breathe
a bit.
I have a thousand paintings dancing in my head
a thousand tales to tell about each of them.
I have been writing as much as painting.
this art business is a funny thing
that way.
I think it may be one of the reasons I love art journaling so much.
It seems to bring things together
in a way
that combines the best of all worlds.

An amaryllis,
now long gone, still inspires me.
This new journal, designed with a focus
on icons.
Icons are doorways to a
spiritual  place.
Both contemplation and creation
open those doorways.
Usually an icon holds a face or figure.
This one has a flower.
A winter blooming flower,
bright and red,
a promise of more color and life in this
grey, chilly January.
a feather holds even more promise.
this opening page was not what I expected,
but life is seldom that.
It is a reminder that being open
in your heart,
your creative spirit,can lead you to places you hadn't planned on at all.
Those new places can be much better than what we had originally wished for.

I didn't crop this image. You can see the opposite page,the edge of the book,
my easel,
a bit of my studio.This was a bit more of a reveal than my usual.
I am getting braver.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Inspirations 2011

Wisdom speaks in ink
and paper whispers stories.
Hearts can meet in books.

Haiku My Heart is dedicated
this week to three books
that have spoken to my heart,
opened my mind
to possibilities that I had not known
were waiting there.

"Standing at the Water's Edge" by Anne Paris
is dedicated to helping creative folk past their
blocks and heartaches.
Anne is a PhD
and has focused a good part of her life
on learning how to help us open
to the great spirit driven creativity
that lives like a flickering candle flame within us all,
then instructs us how to take that tiny candle flame into a full burning light
that can be found whenever
we need to.
I highly recommend her book.

Next is
"The Artist's Path"
also a PhD
who has created a similar work, but with more
spiritual a focus,
giving us twelve chapters of lectio divinia,
inspirational stories
and spiritual openings for our creative soul.
Christine is part of a Benedictine community,
living out in the world,
and sharing her God given inspirations in
a way that enchants and opens.

Last is "Alla Prima"

who is not a PhD, but is a master painter,
who has taken the time
to share a lifetime of painting wisdom.
Hands on, this book is.
I am inspired not only by his words of wisdom, but by his wonderful
brushwork and simple colors.

These three have been my inspirational
reading for 2011
and are providing a path for me
into 2012. I hope you find them as
wonderful as I do.

for more Haiku My Heart,
Join the equaling inspiring Rebecca
Rebecca is also a giver of heart wings
and spirit flights.
don't miss her or the other members of
 Haiku my heart.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Red flowers

January chill has finally arrived
in Middle Earth.
It takes me many moments of contemplation to arrange all of my layers,
top and bottom
to stay warm and toasty.
My holiday rampage of cleaning has led me to take a look
at my recent paintings
and I have decided
I am very RED.
Perhaps I want to warm the studio a bit,
or the red oriental rug
speaks too loudly to be ignored.
My furry studio assistant seems to agree.

Even my wise women seem to enjoy being Red Queens
of some sort or another.

I obviously dream in reds and golds
when winter's chill is present.
I think I'll just stay in these warm cozy colors
until springtime breathes me a new palette.