Thursday, April 16, 2009

Have a cupcake !!

So there were these horrid little tiles with duck heads on them hanging up along the kitchen ceiling, right over the stove. REEEEEAAAAALLLYYY ugly duck tiles. they had to go. I figured it would be easy. Paint something cute and kitcheny like cupcakes. I really make cupcakes a lot. They are my darling husband's favorite breakfast food. So I got some of those deep canvases and painted and played for days. I think they came out darling. Darling husband cringed a bit. OK, so they are abit sugary, but better than those &%@# duck heads, which he did not seem particularly attached to.
Turns out they came with the house when he bought it over 30 years ago. They had actually been painted around when he had the kitchen painted. It also turned out they had been GLUED to the wall. so when I tried to take them down, they too k off huge chunks of dry wall with them. HARUMPH. So I had to get spackle and paint and repair the wall before I could hang my cupcakes.
But hang them I did and they look oh so much better than the duck heads. By the way, I used an old cookbook as the base for the painting. You can actually read the recipes throuogh some of the paint. they were all candy recipes. The icing is all done with dimensional paste and lots of sparklies. the colors are pulled with some decorative plates I have hung from the wall at a right angle to this one. I have to live with some Pepto Bismol Pink vertical blinds so I am trying to throw more color into the room. Next project is to replace some very limp lace curtains with a nice shade..I am thinking of using some stenciling and then getting rid of a truly ugly light fixture. Darling husband is extremely change resistant so this is a painstakingly slow process. Luckily I am very good at perserverence....and paint.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Spring Show offs

He had planted only trees on the property. He really didn't know much about flowering plants or shrubs, so just trees...but what trees !!!! All spring there is a show of colors that are just lovely. It moves around the yard ending with this huge spun sugar drift of wonder that creates a pagoda of flowers I live under as much as I possibly can. Jusy look at these beauties against our silvery old fence.
Yep, that is a little nest home tucked up in the branches. How would you like to wake up in that nursery every morning ? It's a robin, by the way. There is a cardinal that lives next door who would be a bit more colorful, but I think he prefers to be in contrast to the softer greens rather than battle the pinks for visual supremacy.
In another week or so I'll move my lawn chairs and tables out under this pink lady. It's the best place in the yard. I've hung wind chimes in the tree as a memorial to my dear little Shadow. I think I'll invest in a hammock this year and invite some friends over for lemonade (spiked viciously with Jack Daniels) and cookies....try to be a nice little Midwest gal...Ok, I won't last long at that with the JD running free, I can always put some good music on the CD player, kick off my shoes and dance in the blossoms under the moonlight. Me and JD.
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can you find KB ????

So is this Paree ????
The streets of London ??????
A bistro in europe somewhere ?????

Oops. this is in English and the price is not in euros so we must be in the good old U. S of A. Well, NYC ???? Chicago ??? LA ????

NAAAAAAAAAA.......I spent the week-end in the wilds of Kansas City with some very Wild women celebrating the birthday of a very Wildest of the Wild Woman. We shopped, we drank, we ate, we shopped some more. No dessert was safe. No liquoer unsipped. The cosmopolitan was out, the "Girls Best Friend" was in. this is a delightful blend of Chocolate liquoer, Chambord and Champagne. Oh yes, this was a week-end of discoveries for this fly over gal.the rest of the world can keep on flying over. leave this place the heck alone. "E" artisan chocolates were as amazing as anything I have ever munched anywhere else.

After all that it was good to come home. I was missed. That is a good thing. I took off Monday and stayed at home watching spring snow swirl around our flowering trees while I caught up with laundry and unpacked my treasures. I sat making up lists for Passover and Easter. A short patchwork week this week with lots of time to enjoy the memories and the homecoming....and a securely hidden 21 piece box of wonders.
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